About Us



Right Up Our Street’s mission is to provide a programme which is a successful combination of the imagination and inspiration of the artists, and the understanding and aspiration of Doncaster’s local communities. In simple terms, we need to create great pieces of art that people in Doncaster want to engage with.

We will make sure community led decision-making is central to all we do in the following ways:

Transparency: Everyone involved in Right Up Our Street has trust and confidence in the programme and the way in which it operates.

Representation: We’ve consciously aimed to avoid complication when designing our decision-making process, and promise that communities and artists are fairly represented.

Dialogue: Communication is at the heart of our decision-making and fundamental to the programme, ensuring no barriers exist, and empowering a collective voice which will be listened to.


Our Values

The Right Up Our Street brand signifies what we believe in and value:

- Being genuine and authentic in how Doncaster is reflected in the borough’s cultural offer.

- Creative opportunity being open and welcome to all.

- Adding value and new cultural experiences to the people who live in, work in, and visit Doncaster.


Consortium Members

In Phase 1 (2013-16) working together in partnership for the first time, darts (Doncaster Community Arts), Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust (DCLT) and Doncaster Voluntary Arts Network (DVAN) prepared a proposal for Doncaster to be one of the place chosen to receive funding through the Creative People & Places programme. These founding partners formed the basis for our Consortium and will continue to support the project through Phase 3.

The Consortium functions much like a Board of Trustees, ensuring good governance and responsible allocation of and accountability for resources.


DCLT operates leisure centres throughout Doncaster, including The Dome, the region’s premier sports, leisure and entertainment venue, connecting with thousands of local people everyday. DCLT has increased its portfolio of venues including being the parent charity of Cast - Doncaster’s world class performance venue - as well as the Counting House, Brew House (Cusworth Hall) and The Leopard. DCLT has now also become the host body for Doncaster’s Culture Change project, Doncaster Creates. A three year programme developing major strategic and national work.


DARTS continues to be one of the largest participatory arts companies in the country with almost 30 year’s experience working in depth with communities throughout the Doncaster Borough. At the Point, darts recently hosted an exhibition of Matisse Lithographs and has showcased a significant exhibition by Bill Viola, one of the world’s leading video artists. Extending the reach of the footprint of their building out into Right Up Our Street’s DN Festival to showcase and engage new audiences in their work.


DVAN remains on the consortium as a bridge to our non-professional arts organisations allowing, us to link in to existing creative expertise across the borough.


Cast brings a raft of knowledge, skills and a world class venue to the consortium. Working with Right Up Our Street, Cast has brought a number of projects to the region, including Global Streets which attracted over 12,000 audience members.

Cast complements large scale events and performances with relevant outreach programmes, ensuring the inclusion of local community performers and improved access for audiences.


DMBC’s advice, guidance and access to staff and facilities have enabled a number of Right Up Our Street activities to be successfully delivered. During Phase 2, DMBC carried out a major piece of research to better understand the contribution that the arts can play in improving the social and economic ecology of Doncaster. With the support of Darts, Cast and many others, Doncaster Creates was born. Recognising the key role that Right Up Our Street plays within this programme of work, its existing knowledge and community voice, DMBC have pledged substantial financial support to ensure the sustainability of the Right Up Our Street programme for Phase 3.